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ADB Sydost is a politically and religiously independent nonprofit organization that promotes the right to equality, non-discrimination and the belief that all human beings are born equal in dignity and rights.

We offer free legal advice for matters concerning the Discrimination Act. We also give lectures and engage in advocacy concerning the Discrimination Act and equality.

The Discrimination Act protects you against discrimination at work, at school, at university or college, while shopping in a store, and when you buy or rent a home. It also protects you in other areas of society, such as the healthcare and social services and the social insurance system. To be unlawful the discrimination has to be based on one or more of the seven prohibited Grounds of discrimination.

The grounds upon which discrimination is made unlawful under the Discrimination Act:

- Gender, Sex Transgender identity or expression

  • Ethnicity
  • Religion or other belief
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age

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Have you been discriminated against? Then Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Sydost can offer free legal advice, either by phone or email:

Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Sydost
Nygatan 30 39234 Kalmar
0480-26220, 070-9494375

About the Equality Ombudsman in English:

Legal Aid:
If you have been wrongfully treated on grounds not protected by the Discrimination Act or if ADB or the Equality Ombudsman for various reasons cannot take on your case, most insurance has legal protection coverage that can be used for legal costs, like the cost for a lawyer. More information can be found in your insurance policy or by contacting your insurance company.